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About Pesticides




People that come directly into contact with insecticides includes farmers who spray the chemicals and workers doing things related to storage and transportation who will receive the toxic directly.

However, for consumers who are indirectly infected through contaminated agricultural products with toxic residue in them. Even if these contaminants are only consumed at a low rate, a frequent dose can lead to accumulations and causing chronic problems and affecting the various functions inside the body like: - Affecting the nervous system, the majority of pesticides are hazardous to the brain and nervous systems.

- Affecting the organs inside the body, the body’s natural defensive mechanism that get rids of poison is the liver, then the kidney. A frequent dosage can make these organs work harder that can lead to adverse consequences.

- Affecting the immune system, some pesticides disrupt the function of the immune systems, causing the weakening of the body that leads to higher vulnerability of infection.

- Affecting the hormones in the body, directly affecting the Endocrine gland, the organ directly responsible for producing hormones, thus making the glands malfunctions that may cause sterility, reduction in the production of sperm.

- Causing a chemical change and cell mutation in the body, this can lead to the weakening of the body, sickness and cancer.

These chemicals are dangerous and may even affect healthy consumers. Unfortunately, babies or children that are not fully grown yet will be especially prone to these toxic residues, even if the dosage is minimal; there is even a risk of mutation. According to the Environmental Working Group from the USA, the report from year 2516 suggests that Brain Cancer and leukemia in American children below 14 years old shows a rise in 33% and the overwhelming cause of death is cancer. Research also shows that the level of toxic residue in 8 different infant food brands are contaminated up to 52% with 16 identified chemicals. Most of the food being tested contains 2 types of toxic in one sample, and most of the toxic found in the 16 chemicals are mostly Neurotoxins. This includes Phosphate and Carbanate.

The level of toxicity is believed to be safe for adults but unsafe for children and babies. This is because the safety level for consumption has been set to 14 years and older (disregarding educational levels). In addition, the affect of having been in contact with 2 toxics in one food will cause the accumulation of poison or a catalyst effect, boosting the toxicity level.

A report from scientists at the Research Center in New Orleans found that the combination of the two toxins will result in a toxin with 1000 times the strength of the individual toxin.

Researchers from the University of Texas conducted a research in year 2536, they tried to change the gender of a male turtle using the hormone: Natural Estrogen and mixing it with PCB alone, compared to mixing it with a small amount PCB 2. The eggs are then incubated properly for the birth of a male turtle; results show that the influence is PCB 2 is far greater than a single mix of a single type of PCB.

Today the attention is on the analysis of pesticides that has a poison mixing mechanism and the analysis of affects of these resulting toxins. These analyses are now playing a bigger row in the Codex committee on Pesticide Residues meeting. In the 33rd meeting in April 2544, the committee agreed that the USA will introduce analytical Cumulative risk assessment on pesticides. The member countries will then gain an understanding and report their results in the next meeting. However, there is currently a law that forces the Environmental Protection Agency to analyze the affects on human health that is caused by various types of pesticides. The EPA also announced that the methods taken will be an example to practitioners in January 2545. This is done to protect the infant consumers that are found to be contaminated with many toxins. This also includes food samples that are found to contain more than 2 types of toxins, as mentioned above.

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