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Training requirement

Work Shop rules and regulations:

The work shop in “Technique involved in analyzing toxic residue” (Pesticide) using GT test kit is situated at GT Trading, every 2nd Friday of the month from 9am to 12am. There are no fees of any sorts, but the maximum number of participant is limited to 2 seats per company (due to limited space).

Prospective participants must reserve space early by sending in their application to Mrs. Gobthong Thoophom or veterinarian Gunyawat Toophom. Please specify yourself as Mr./Ms./Mrs., company, contact telephone number. If a certificate is required, please specify so in the application and sent by mail to the address (or fax to reserve your space and come in person on the day)

Details on the work shop: First session is theory-based on these topics

- the meaning of pesticide
- types of pesticides
- the workings of GT test kit
- collecting samples for testing
- illustrations of each procedures in the test
- evaluating the test

The latter section is practical-based, which, GT Trading will provide the equipments based on the number of participant that have reserved their seats. Therefore, reservation is crucial, otherwise participants may only be able to attend the first training session.

์Note: Start from November 2004, there is a test for getting the GT's certificate

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