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  • Test tubes with micro-biological vegetables like garlic and onion for example gives a equally dark/or darker color than the comparison test tube, even though the farmer insisted that no insecticides were used, and only naturally extracted chemicals were used. Answer
  • Tested a sample of pepper that reportedly did not contain any insecticide and found it to be unsafe (darker than or as dark as the reference test tube). Sample may or may not be rejected. Answer
  • A sample of vegetable was tested unsafe by the GT test kit, but the standard lab test found it safe. Answer
  • Vegetable grown using microbiological-farming style using Neem tree-extracted chemical spray. When harvested, the buy used GT test kit and found that most of the produce gives a slightly darker or as darks as the reference test tube, except the onion which gives a matching color and darkness. Answer
  • Used the GT test kit to test consumption-ready food, how should the result be interpreted?Answer
  • Is the GT test kit capable of testing water and soil? And how should the results be interpreted? Answer
  • Drinking water might be contaminated; will the GT test kit work? Answer
  • GT test kit with 10 tests and 30 tests respectively did not test properly. Answer
  • Why the modified tray in GT’s equipment has been opened for hour but the temperature was not at specific point 35 celsius?Answer
  • Why the light in modified stove open does for hour, the water was not boiling?Answer
  • What is organic agriculture?Answer
  • Is organic agriculture necessarily checked for pesticide residue? Answer
  • Why the result of pesticide residue testing in organic vegetable still had the pesticide residue even it was not used with any pesticides? and what is suitable standard control for organic vegetable? Answer

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